JS Z-Wave - resquest for sending commands to nodes

I could be Nice, if you could send commands back to a Z-wave device.
In the depriciated Z-wave addon, could i sent different vides to the nodes ( Fibaro Smoke detectors FSD002)
Ex. How to group Them. What alarms that should be visual og what alarms that should be audio.

Hope the text above is understandeble

this feture will be coming in a future (soon I believe) release of HA. The Devs are planning a control panel function. In advance of that a lot of people are using zwavejs2mqtt instead. this is another variant of zw integration to HA, but it offers the use of its control panel whilst using the rest of the “main” zwave-js integration.

more details can be found here : https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/zwave_js/