JSON formatting error

I am trying to set a lamp so that it has the same attributes as another lamp.
I use a call service node.
The node has:
domain: light
service: turn_on
entity: light.kokshall_spot_2

    "color_temp" : {
    "rgb_color" : {
    "brightness" : {

I get the following error message:
Call-service error. extra keys not allowed @ data[‘0’]

When I test the “{” in the first “{entity” and the first “,” is marked as wrong.

Can anyone tell me why?


set the data field type to J:expression and use

    "color_temp" : $entities("light.kokshall_spot_1").attributes.color_temp,
    "rgb_color" : $entities("light.kokshall_spot_1").attributes.rgb_color,
    "brightness" : $entities("light.kokshall_spot_1").attributes.brightness


Thank you - solved. I learned that you cannot set color_temp and rgb_color in the same command.