Json parsing and dates help

I have managed to pull json data for trash/recycling from an Arcgis map but can’t seem to find an appropriate way to parse/use this data in HA (Node Red). I am not sure how to extract due to these challenges.
-Dates are part of longer string
-some months have two dates while some have three
-dates not formatted as any standard usable date

I have looked at node-red-contrib-moment but it looks like I will need to somehow extract first and then insert the current year somehow?

Below is the dataset I am able to pull into my HA sensor.

Can anyone please point me in the correct direction?


“features”: [
“attributes”: {
“Trash”: “Thursday”,
“January”: “Recycling: 1/4, 1/17,1/31”,
“February”: “Recycling: 2/14, 2/28”,
“March”: “Recycling: 3/14, 3/28”,
“April”: “Recycling: 4/11, 4/25”,
“May”: “Recycling: 5/9, 5/23”,
“June”: “Recycling: 6/6, 6/20”,
“July”: “Recycling: 7/4, 7/18”,
“August”: “Recycling: 8/1, 8/15, 8/29”,
“September”: “Recycling: 9/12, 9/26”,
“October”: “Recycling: 10/10, 10/24”,
“November”: “Recycling: 11/8, 11/23”,
“December”: “Recycling: 12/6, 12/20”,
“Week_Color”: “Tan”,
“Tier”: 1,
“Chart_Link”: “https://recycle.georgetown.org/charts/ \u200E”,
“Schedule_Number”: “#6”,
“September_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 9/12”,
“October_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 10/10”,
“November_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 11/8”,
“December_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings:12/6”,
“January_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 1/4”,
“February_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 2/14”,
“March_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 3/14”,
“April_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 4/11”,
“May_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 5/9”,
“June_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 6/6”,
“July_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 7/4”,
“August_Trimming”: “Yard Trimmings: 8/1”,
“created_user”: null,
“created_date”: null,
“last_edited_user”: “RYOWS”,
“last_edited_date”: 1541105905000,
“Shape.STArea()”: 76393642.5546875,
“Shape.STLength()”: 89645.149586980348