Judo water treatment

Hello, is anyone deploying a Judo integration? ( Judo Connectivity Modul )


I would be very interested too.

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I would be interested as well as.
Sadly my coding skills are not good enough to do this. I know there is an integration for other systems but sadly not yet for HA

i’ve build a little workarount on an esp8266. A Python script in hassio or similar would be better and much easier, but I’m a c/c++ programmer :wink:

Note: Now, i’m workin on a python script…

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First trial of python-version has finished :slight_smile:

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Love that! Just figured out my judo has a connectivity module so a hassio integration would rock! I would offer my help but I have no idea how… So sadly I can only offer a thank you!

Hi Frankie,
the Python script works very well now and I have added a few functions to it. For a real Hassio integration I would have to go deep into programming for integrations, which I don’t have the time for. So I will leave it with the Python script, but I will add some functions if necessary. Maybe there is someone who can make a real Hassio integration out of it. In any case I could also offer my help.

Maybe have a look at the repo again, the installation and configuration of the script is really not difficult…

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Do you know how I can run the python script as a server on a Home Assistant OS VM by any chance? Dont want to set up an additional vm just for that.


hey distel,

maybe it’s possible to run the script directly in hassio with “pyscript”

look at this thread:


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Thanks Henning!

I ended up using my Pi that is running deconz for those last zigbee devices anyway.
Tooked 3 minutes in the end to set all up and working great!


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Hi distel,

that sounds great. I’m glad that it works well for you. I am still in the process of adding new functions. So it’s worth to have a look into the repo from time to time.

Where is the donation button?
Thank you very much, I was hoping that someone come up with exactly like this, I was checking in late November, if something is available, before buying the system. Only 2 months later there are two great looking solutions :slight_smile: I will try the ESP version first, but I believe you will be continuing only the Python version?
Where did you installed your python stuff?
I would really like to install it on the HA system directly, I am not good enough in python to fully understand if it is easy or complicated to do so.

Ich hab gerade gesehen, dass Sie aus Deutschland sind und ich gar nicht Englisch schreiben muss.
Tolle Arbeit! Jetzt fehlt nur noch die direkte HA integration, dann wärs perfekt :wink:

Hi Henning, this is really great stuff. I have been looking around for a solution for some time as well.
I did implement the python solution in a dedicated Proxmox LXC container. Everything works well - even MQTT discovery.
However, everytime I restart homeassistant all its entities turn unavailable and do not come back. Although the service is still running.
Only after a service restart or LXC reboot it comes back and works fine.
Any idea of how to fix this?

Again, many thanks for this great solution and your efforts. :grinning:

For me the python service is loosing connection whenever my home assistant is restarting.
Should I set up a Cron to restart the service or is there a way to check within the script if connection was interrupted?
Schönes Wochenende!

hi Daniel,

The ESP version is already quite outdated and does not contain many features. It was a workaround because I had no Python experience at that time.
With this project I started to learn Python and all new features are now only in the Python version, because nothing has to be compiled, which makes it much faster. I also didn’t want to touch the ESP version for the time being, because I would have to completely restructure the code with all the new features.
I have the script running on my local backup and file server running an Ubuntu. Maybe other users from the thread can describe again how they run the script directly in the homeassistant.

If you want to donate me, you can do it on my thingiverse profile :smiley: https://www.thingiverse.com/shapelabs/designs

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I know about the availability bug, but unfortunately I haven’t found a proper solution yet.
A workaround would be first to disable the “last will” on the broker:
Comment out line 253:
#client.will_set(availability_topic, config_getjudo.AVAILABILITY_OFFLINE, qos=0, retain=True)

But I stay on it and try to find a solution

NOTE: I’ve fixed the Bug. After restart of hassio, the entities should be online now

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I made it working directly in HomeAssistant instance through AppDaemon, pyscript does not work, it failed because of https calls blocking the main thread.

It took me a few hours because of a dump self error, don’t name your system „i-soft safe+“. I got a „Publish does not allow wildcards“ because of the + in the name.

Just combine the two py files into one, modify the apps.yaml file like in my screenshot and start the AppDaemon

Maybe you can add these to your git repo as well :slight_smile:

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Only good news tonight! :wink:
@Henning, your fix does the trick. Thank you!

Next I may try out Daniel’s AppDaemon setup.

Many thanks and have a great weekend.

Hi Daniel, thanks for this tip!
I managed to get it working by just copying both .py files to the appdaemon folder. However I wasn’t able to successfully combining the two .py files into a single one. Is there a chance that you could provide your single combined .py file so that I could use this instead?
Thank you. Best, Frank