Jump / Show a lovelace page in an Automation

I would like an automation to have the ability to jump to a particular page on a device.

i.e. if I enter the kitchen (motion detector) when the alarm is set, show the alarm page, after I unset the alarm, Jump to / show the home page.

I have tried browser mod, but not 100% reliable on my kitchen tablet.

Strange, I use this on tablets, PCs and phones every day and works great with Browser Mod

Browser mod is it.

I pop my security panel on my dashboard when it goes into alarm or pending.

I pop targeted controls to the dash when something is out of what I expect or an active alert is up (water problem mini water dash, power problem, mini power dash. Garage open after 7p, door controls)

Literally only had it ever fail if I broke something or if my network was acting up. So I’d wonder what underlying problem is preventing yours?