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So I’m 6 months in and home assistant is a fantastic bit of code (app programme or whatever its called)
I firs came across home assistant about 5 years ago downloaded it and honestly thought it was rubbish but three years later there was an unbelievable change unfortunately in that time I was misled by ATHOM’s promises of integration for everything so got a homey pro that turned out to be a load of bollocks.
I know nothing about coding but have learnt to put a few lines of Yaml in where needed not because i know anything about it but because the community that surrounds is so friendly and helpful and this brings me to the point of this post and that is to thank all the people involved in this project PAULUS i am so glad you had the vision i do wonder if you realized what you had started


I’ve had a similarly stellar experience. I tried HA a year ago coming off Smartthings and it was still a little too technical for me (I wasn’t ready). Tried again after a subpar year with hubitat in December and I never looked back.

I’ve got over 300 devices all under 1 hood for the first time in my smart home life and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so excited for what the future holds just based on what advancements I’ve seen in the last few months.

I believe I joined the forum in November 2016 and things have come a long way! However I have never been unhappy with HA, nor have I considered changing to another solution.

I found a backup of a 2018 config today when I was cleaning out my server. Amazing to see how things have changed.

Top job team.


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Loved it from the start…
Do I need to say more ?

rookie… :wink: :laughing:


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One day I’ll overtake you!!

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