Just a question about the notification (when pressed once opens directly the app)

Hi guys,

Well i am new and started 1 month ago with HASS

I’m testing the companion app on ios 15 and it works really great, also tracking.
What i want to ask is this:
Is it normal when i receive an actionable notification or an image, when i just press it once it goes away and opens the app and don’t know what it was containing.

9 of the 10 times i forget to press + hold to open the notification to show the image and actions…

is there a way to fix that in the app or do i need ot get used to it?
because there is no log in the app that shows what messages i had received before

If this is a dumb question, sorry for it i just wanted to know if it works like this.
I’m used to use pushover, but prefer this instead.


sure, there is this issue, we have to get used to it right now, maybe better in the future?