Just added Zooz 800 stick, and got a bunch of unknown devices now?

What are these devices and how do I get rid of them? If it matters, this is a brand new ZWave setup.


  1. You got a returned stick with someone’s prior network
  2. Zooz QA did not reset the stick after testing
  3. You scanned a QR code of a device for inclusion, but have not created S2 security keys. In that case, the node can retry inclusion forever, and without keys it will always fail (known issue in Z-Wave JS). Each attempt creates a new “phantom” node.

For case 1 and 2, you can just factory reset. Or “Remove failed node” for each one.

For case 3 create all the security keys or disable/remove the QR code until keys are added.

I just moved and am starting over with everything. So essentially, its case 1. How do I factory reset?

Click the Factory Reset buttons in ZUI Advanced Actions or HA Device page.

Make sure you also factory reset all of the end devices, and possibly exclude, since they may actually be part of the network, but just dead because the routing is confused due to the move.

That did it.

FWIW, I left all the ZWave switches in the old house, so no devices to exclude.

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