Just bought a PC to use for HASS but now I want Kodi as well on it

I bought a old PC that would be powerful enough for me to surf the web on the TV and run simple applications.
Specs: i5-2500 3.30GHz 8GB RAM 250GB

I believe this is enough to run both HASS and Kodi.

The problem is can i run HASS on Kodi? Many of the questions I saw were based on the Rasp Pi, which this is not.

Actually should i just run Windows then install Kodi (I just read you can run Kodi from Windows) then run HASS as a service through Windows?

What made you think you couldn’t run both?

I would avoid windows (plenty of threads on here will show you why). Install debian, install Kodi, install hass in a virtual environment via the manual method. Should be up and running in an hour or so depending on your technical prowess :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info @anon43302295 do you have any guides for doing this? Also whats wrong with using Windows? Memory and CPU hog?

Debian -


Kodi -

Hass in virtual environment -

Windows problems are something to do with python being sketchy iirc.

Hope this helps.

Edit - fixed links

It’s Windows. 'nuff said. :smiley:

Python and HA itself run perfectly well on Windows. However many of the peripheral programs that are commonly used are simply not available on Windows, or work completely differently, so you will spend a lot of time just trying to do many of the things suggested in the forums.

The debian/kodi/virtualenv installation looks good to me.

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