Just finished setup the Plex assistant integration and it's working great but

Hi there

I just finished setting this up and it’s working great, but I’m having an issue with my av receiver which is driving me crazy since months. It’s not an issue directly related to HA, but it’s impacting the functionality of an integration so I’d like to know if somebody of you had a similar experience and how you guys fixed it.

Basically what I’ve done is this:

  • Setup the Plex assistant and Plex integration
  • Setup IFTTT to configure the Google commands
  • When I try to say something like “Hey google, play this on plex”, TV turns on, the episode starts and then the AV receiver switch the source to TV instead of the Chromecast source (the HDMI where the Chromecast is plugged into). This is an extremely annoying issue since I have to use then the remote to switch the AV to the right source.
    Does anybody have any idea how I can fix this? Once again, I know this isn’t HA related so if I have to delete this post, I will, but I really hope somebody can help out :slight_smile:

this depends on how google is turning on the TV source. IS this an automation done through HA? Is this something google does?

First off, thanks for your answer!
So there’s an HA automation which is turning on the TV when the AV receiver is turned on (I disabled the automated turning on through HDMI CEC within the TV settings). The automation is based on a script which will turn the TV on via IR remote.
So, based on this configuration, neither the chromecast, nor the AV is turning the TV on themselves. Should I try to disable the automation and see what happens ?

yep, figure out whats changing the source and amend it or remove it and start over.

I’ve found that this repo appears to be archived, does anyone know if:

a) it still works and
b) if there is a replacement option at all?

That’s a good question, I’d be interested in too.

I’m assuming that Plex Assistant intergration into HA or HACS is dead now? The github has been archived, and it cant be found when attempting to install through HACS.
Bascially my soul purpose for getting into HA was for my kids to be able to play movies and tv shows out of plex, using google to do it.
Is there something that replaces it?

Plex is a native integration.

You can use this on the front end if you want

From there you can call the media_player services for the players(clients) connected to your Plex server that get added via the Plex integration

Hmm but this would be still missing the ability to start playing from Google… You would simply play something from HA instead of Plex, isn’t it?

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Create routines with custom voice commands in google to execute a script in HA…on the entities you have available from the integration above?..

I see where you’re going. The only thing I’m not sure about would be how would you configure the Google routines with a command like “Hey Google, play Games of Thrones on Plex” and then pass the command to HA changing the name of the TV series or movie. I see how to make it with IFTTT for example, but not with Google routines as I have no idea how to use text variable there.

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