Just landed. Node Red user from Germany trying to switch to Home Assistant

Hello everybody,
just wanted to give a short hello to the community and intruduction of myself.

My Name is Björn an i live in Germany.
Till today i did all my smarthome stuff with node red, mainly controlled via Apple Homekit. But beeing honest Homekit doesnt really work will in a mesh environment, too ofter you have to wait because something is not responding.
After that i wanted to wrap it all up on a node red dashboard, but doing that with a bit of eyecandy so that also the Lady of the house likes it, is … challenging.

So i came up with the idea to start with Home Assistant. The question i ask myself now is if i continue using my Node Red Flows which mainly depend an MQTT or if i start all over again, completely with Home Assistant.
I am open to suggestions.


Node Red integrates with HA, so no need to completely start over again. You can simply transfer logic from Node Red to HA one flow at the time.

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How do you mean that Node Red integrates into HA?
Maybe you mean via the node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket palette?

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Thanks, i give that a read after work. :+1: