Just purchased a Home Assistant Blue (ODROID-N2+ Home Assistant Blue)

I have decided to dive in to Home Assistant. I have a lot of experience with the ISY, Homeseer and Hubitat. I ordered a Nortek Zigbee/Z-wave stick and I will try to do a whole home installation with this combo. I had previously avoided HA because of the myth of reliability and manual setup. After watching many Youtube videos I decided to dive right in with the purchase of the Blue.

When it arrives I am positive I will be on here for help :slight_smile:

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I am using HomeAssistant OS without really knowing what I’m doing. A friend set it up for me but I’m having a REALLY hard time understanding this thing. I have thought about going to something different with better documentation but HA is too good!

Sooooooooooo I’ll take this winter and ‘try’ [using that loosely] to get this thing where I want it. Right now I have automations that work, then don’t. NO explanation, have NO idea why and no clue how or what to look for to fix it. For new people this probably isn’t the system to start with as the documentation is really lacking but the product is still good.

Being that you’ve had previous experience I’m sure you’ll have this working in no time and up to par :slight_smile:

Though I am completely new to Home Assistant I have been using smart hubs for more the 20 years. Hopefully some of that experience will help :slight_smile:

I finally got it and set it up last night. I am just at the experimental stage. I managed to set up my ELK M1 Security panel, Lutron Caseta, Tuya, ISY, Z-wave (no devices yet) and Zigbee (one motion sensor).

I have been a using of different hubs for more the 20 years so this was not that hard. I am still working on how to display the switches properly and still can not seem to automate the ELK motions and contacts or the Insteon RemoteLincs on the ISY.

P.S. I have the Blue with a Nortek USB stick

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I have security cameras but they aren’t going to work with HA soooooooo I’m ordering a Blink system that will. Not just because of HA but because the system I have is a Night Owl system and they are horrid. The app through the phone is crap… I can rarely ever see anything it just spins and spins and shows nothing so I’d advise people NEVER buy their systems LOL.

Good to know