Just purchased Ariela - Some questions

So I’ve just purchased the Pro version of Ariela as it looks like a really useful app, however I have a few questions I hope someone maybe can help with:

  1. I seem to permanently see a notification on my device from Ariela saying ‘Add some entities so it can be displayed here’
    I have turned off the permanent notification setting in Ariela, but the only way to stop this notification seems to be disabling notifications entirely (via the Android > Settings > App) menu.
    However, I guess this’ll stop push notifications working too?
    I don’t want any entities permanently shown in notifications… how do i turn this off?

  2. The UI by default looks pretty ugly - badges for sensors just show a picture of an eye, and don’t show the actual value of the sensor.
    To get anything useful I have to switch to the WebUI mode, which shows the sesnor value in the badge… but kind of ruins the experience as it’s clearly just showing a web page.
    Am I missing something here? - I’ve not done anything specific in Ariela, assuming it would render lovelace like tiles ?

Thank you very much for the support, i really appreciate it.

The notification must be shown because Android requires it in order to have a background service running.

Nope, the push notifications are on a separate channel. As long you do not turn that off you will have notifications.

If you want the service to run in background(ie: send sensors update while you do something else on phone) you can’t. If you do not use any sensors, what you could do is to not allow Ariela to run in background. Still, i get the same issue from a lot of users and i know its irritating (its irritating for me too), i think i have a solution for it but a special permission will be required to be set.

That’s strange. Please use contact option to send me the logs (do not forget to enable debug mode first). Also, a screenshot will be nice.

Indeed Web UI mode its just a webpage and in some cases is much slower then the native rendering.

Ariela will not render all lovelace cards natively. Ariela supports almost all official cards and some custom cards (it will be a pain to support native all the custom cards since there are a lot). Instead, most of the custom cards can be implemented by user requests(more requests from users the more chances will have to be implemented).

Please let me know if you have further questions

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve been playing around with the app and I think location updates are working OK with the notification suppressed by the Android settings… but still early days.
I have noticed that the app seems to use quite a lot of battery - i’m mainly only using this for location updates and occasional manual switching of things, but battery life has taken a noticeable hit, even with the location frequency turned down to 10 mins, and don’t send if <50m different than the last.

I guess the app is receiving updates from HomeAssistant everytime a state changes, in HA, even when running in the background? - if so is there a way to stop this and only update entities when running in the foreground? (but still send location every x minutes)

As for the UI - this is what I meant, the badges along the top look odd with their grey colour and use a lot of space for nothing (eg. Radiators needing heat, doesn’t even show the value until clicked) - note how they look in the WebUI below.

Web UI

I was thinking on adding a low power mode where Ariela will “wake up” at some set minutes.

Thank you for the screenshots. Let me see what i can do about those items you mentioned.


Are the entity updates all the time, part and parcel of Home Assistants Mobile App integration?
In my case (and probably many others), I’m not concerned with getting entity state changes all the time on my phone, as I’d setup a push notification for anything I was interested in.
If there was an option to simply disable all background entity updates that would be perfect.

As long Ariela is running, HA updates will be received.

I am working on adding this feature :smiley:

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Hello, I am impressed by Ariela and have therefore bought the Pro Version. I use the version on a tablet and also on the mobile phone. I come from “Zanzito” and here I had the location, battery and so on transferred. Always like this up to max 3 MB data usage per day.

Since Ariela I have at least 60 MB to 80 MB per day. This is too much for my data flat if I can’t use W-LAN. (For example ~2.4GB in 30 days) I am currently looking for a solution where I do not receive data from my home control. Except push and only send data.

Can I find a solution without turning off the app? A setting in the APP? Switch to the native web interface?

I think the question might fit here as it goes in a similar direction


Those values mostly depends on how much information are passed between HA and Ariela. Note that any event that is sent from HA it will be automatically send to Ariela too.
Can you tell me exactly what are the sensors you are using?


How exactly do we need the information?
Ariela (Smartphone) should provide the following values:

  • Battery
  • Wear battery
  • Wifi
  • Ariela Availability
  • NFC
  • screen state

If I understand it correctly. It also means the sensors from HA to Ariela. Here it would be enough for me to get only the current values displayed when I go to the APP. To synchronize all values in realtime is not necessary for me. Here every x minutes would be good. (10 min or 30 min is enough for me) Here is a screenshot (currently growing strongly). About 200 sensors like: Glances, Zigbee2MQTT,… (List all?)

Thanks for the feedback and support. Is it because of the data Ariela sends to HA or HA to Ariela?