Just saying thanks really

Until today I was running Home Assistant as a libvirt/KVM VM running Ubuntu and Supervised. I installed it such a long time ago I can’t even remember how. I think there used to be a script you could download and run? Something like that.
Anyway yesterday the supervisor service kept failing and the docker container wouldn’t start. A bit of research pointed at cgroups and other gnarly docker stuff. I tried installing os_agent and the homeassistant deb file, but as that wasn’t the way I had installed it in the first place, that didn’t help. I had backups so I decided to finally move off my very unsupported system and move to the qcow2 Home Assistant OS image. I set it up in my KVM env as suggested and it ran. First time. I then restored my backup, changed the VM’s name and IP back to what my previous VM was and it all works. All of it. Alexa, esphome, nodered, deConz. All of it. I’m flabergasted!
Amazing stuff.
So a big thanks to everyone involved in making HA work so well. I had about 2 hours of downtime. I’m so relieved. Great work!