Just starting out with Lovelace - Hiding Sensors based on value

I’m just starting to look at lovelace, and it looks great. I see the Entity Filter Card, and I think that will do what I want. I have a 6 sensors that show me commute times. Values are numbers from 0 to xx. I’d like to hide them if the value is 0. Maybe 2 or less for those time when the gps is not quite right.

I see in the examples where you can hide a device tracker when people are home, which is nice, but did not see examples based on values.

Any help is appreicated.

So the entity-filter card doesn’t have ‘negative state conditions’ yet. Meaning if the state is not x, show it. The conditional card does:

To be honest, I would expect the negative state conditions in a future release because you aren’t the first to ask for it.

This is a bit old, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this.

I have six sensors that are based on waze routes. The values range from 0 to XXX. I want to only show the sensors when the value it above 1. my waze senors use my device tracker as the starting zone, so if I’m at home the time to home is 0, if I’m at work, the time to work is 0, etc. Sometimes it’s a bit off and says 1. So How would I create a card that shows only the entites above 0 (or 1).

got a better example of what the state looks like when not 0? Or better yet, just post a picture of when it’s zero and when it’s not

I have a couple google maps sensors, and the 4 waze sensors.
So I’m home so the Commute to Home time is 0. The commute to work time is 23 minutes.
The goal is just to show the sensors that are less than 2. Since that would mean 99% I’m at the location.


well if it’s truly just number, use the state_not: attribute and set it to ‘0’. Something like:

          - type: conditional
              - entity: switch.zone_1
                state_not: 0

To do something like less than 2 would require you to make a template sensor that looks at that information. You could always use the conditional against weather you are home or not and show the appropriate sensors.

That’s where I was confused. Do I need a conditional card for each sensor. The guide for the conditional card says that multiple items would be treated as an AND.

If I misunderstood would I have 6 conditions, and then also the same six entires in the card ?

Like here are the 6 sensors I want to see, but only the ones that are not 0

      - sensor.person1_time_to_home
      - sensor.person2_time_to_home
      - sensor.time_to_work_person2
      - sensor.time_to_work1_person1
      - sensor.time_to_work2_person1
      - sensor.time_from_person1_to_person2

Well, you have person to person stuff, so this will get pretty convoluted quick. You’d probably need to make 6 conditional cards with a single sensor in them. If you want them all on one card… You’ll need to make 6x6 conditional cards with the correct sensors that are ‘on’.

Yeah, that’s what I was finding as well. The person to person is actually kind of fun/useful. But at the end of the day, its still just a sensor with a value. I use it for a few cases, where I can assume if the time from person to person is less than 1-2, then it means we’re likely together. Especially if we’re not home. So I set different alerts based on that.

But back to the card, it would be nice to have list of entites, and say only show the ones with a value greater (or less, or equal) to a value. But I’m not complaining, just trying to figure out the best approach.

Yeah, i think entity-filter needs to be expanded on because it pretty much does what you want. Just only works with state-on.