Just want my fans to turn on

Just setup HA, I have a Harmony Remote I use to turn my AV equipment on and switch inputs.
I have Cloud Inteligence plugs which apparenlty aren’t supported by HA but are supported by Google Home and SmartThings. I have it set up in both.
I just want to turn one or more of the plugs on when the Harmony changes inputs.

Issues: (aside from HA not supporting Cloud Inteligence)
I can’t see my Harmony Actions in HA
I can’t see the plugs as devices in Google Home in HA

Please help with any recomendations.

the “fans” are server fans I have in my entertainment center so the PS5 doesn’t overheat.

I assume you have a Harmony Hub or similar supported device?

There is also a SmartThings integration - you don’t say if you have that installed.

I have no experience with either - but it’s unclear from your post if you have installed them.

If you have the harmony integration in home assistant, you won’t see your activities (as in button presses) but you will see the state of the activities assuming you use activities.

The integration should expose individual switches for each activity you have programmed. So fairly straightforward to have a SmartThings linked plug activate (via the home assistant SmartThings integration) when home assistant sees a particular harmony activity start/stop.

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yes, I have a Harmony Hub and I have something on my devices for it but it doesn’t seem to show all my actions. I’ll read that link you provided.

having issues getting the smart things one to link up.

Ok, it should expose the activities as switches but like I say not the actual button presses.

However they are available to call via the remote command send. Go to developer tools, services and select remote.send_command, you should then be able to choose your harmony hub device (assuming it’s correctly integrated in HA)

Then you need to type in the command you want to send, the important part here is that you need to type this command exactly as it is known by HA and I believe it’s also case sensitive.

To find out exactly what command are known for each device you will need to take a look at the file created in the HA backend when you added harmony.

The file can be found in the config folder of HA and the file in question should be something like harmony_xxxxxxxxx.conf, this will list all the devices, activities and more importantly all the known commands.

    "Dune Media Player": {
        "commands": [
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