JVC Projectors Custom Component Integration

I have created a HA component/integration for JVC projectors. You can find the code and instructions to install it here GitHub - iloveicedgreentea/jvc_homeassistant: JVC Integration for Home Assistant

I have been running it for a while now and it is very stable and functional. I included a LoveLace config you can add to get a remote and status widget on your home screen.

It supports all the functions you would expect including full menu navigation. It uses a single long lived connection so it is super fast. If there is enough demand, I can add some more features like one-click user modes as a service, but you can do it currently by sending a command using the SendCommand service.

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Bump. Made a few updates and added commands

Thanks for this! When my room is back online I’ll be hooking this up!

No problem. I just updated it to fully support reconnecting so the connection is very reliable now and very fast.

I’d love to be able to easily set low latency mode and change installation modes. Would make for super slick integrations. Thanks again!

Yeah it supports installation modes no problem. Low latency one click is tough because you must disable certain things in a certain order before you enable it. There is no logic inside the projector to push these switches. You are best off doing it with a user mode and using the plugin to switch between them. Otherwise I would need to make a lot of queries to the projector and due to the way the protocol works, it’s not the most stable thing with multiple queries.