K type thermocouple support

Does anyone know of a raspi add on board that supports k-type thermocouples and is already integrated into home assistant? I want to run four or five k type thermocouples to measure some stuff on my heating system and I see several add-on boards (hats) out in the market but they all seem like they have their own library to communicate and I’m wondering if anyone has already integrated one into home assistant

Q: Are you set on type K?. DS18B20’s are what i am using and they are accurate, cheap and work directly on a pi without a hat.

That’s actually more what I was originally hoping for! So I can wire it directly into the pi and use it directly from HA?

I know a little electronics and I code for a living but the problem is I never have the time to spend so I’m looking for something I can just hook up and go, and what you are describing sounds perfect.

There are plenty of you tube videos on setting up Dallas 1-wire sensors on a raspberry pi. Also, a bunch on getting them installed on HA. One tip I would suggest is to pick up a sensor kit off of Amazon that includes the adapter module. That way you just have to connect three wires to the board and the board to the pi. The pull up resistor is already on the board. You can have multiple sensors on one board.
If your HA device is not where you want your sensors, you tube also has a bunch of videos on how to use an ESP32 to connect sensors to HA.