KACO Blueplanet Hybrid 3.0TL3 - 10.0TL3 integration

Has somebody integrate a KACO Blueplanet Hybrid 3.0TL3 - 10.0TL3 to Home Assistant?

The only way I can actually get data is over hy-sys and the display of the inverter.

KACO inverter join the local network, but it seems there is no web interface.

Somebody known how hy-sys get data from inverter?

Actually it seemed to be no way to get access to the Kaco API. There are a lot of discussions about it (and also longer times) and on GitHub is an old implementation, but it isnt working anymore and the developper has given up the project. I tried to get information about Kaco directly, they answered, but they give no informations about the protocol or ways of access or so. = not helpful. In some other informations somebody talks about openems but you need also an API-ID “only for development”. Open said: I cannot understand this policy! It is user-unfriendly and reason enough to change to another supplier. Actually I take the data on team-viewer and I plan to get some of the data about current-transformer. Some of the data I take over my Zappi Wallbox which is integrated in home-assistant. That works really fine.Compliments to all involved developpers.

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Found rest request to read the NX3 converters on Photovoltaik Forum:


The SN has format (for me): “15.0NXxxxxxxxxx”

I’m pretty new to HA but with that it should be easy to create a integration, shoudn’t it?

P.S.: this works on NX converter. Maybe a owner of a hybrid can test that…

The Primus Energy Manager from energydepot.de (an openEMS based little inexpensive Raspi like box) is available for the KACO Blueplanet Hybrid 3.0TL3 - 10.0TL3 (originally named “Energydepot Centurio”). Afaik this is the only reasonable communication way to the inverter. It allows all inverter data to be read out and displayed, logged etc. (and in the future planned also to control it and completely replacing hy-sys). With this it is also possible to connect external systems by REST API; one example is the existing integration to the openWB wallbox for PV surplus charging that works perfectly for me. Presumably this will also be the way to integrate with HA. As I’m a HA newbie (I only joined yesterday…) connecting my 2017 Centurio and the openWB is definitely on the to-do list - but maybe one of you will be quicker… :slight_smile:

Ref. openWB: I’m not quite sure if there already is a ready to work HA integration with openWB? If so, it may be possible to use the Primus as connection between Centurio and openWB and then forwarding the PV info from openWB to HA?

P.S. After KACO had been acquired by Siemens, since 2024 Energydepot has taken back all Centurio/Blueplanet Hybrid related activities with full technical control from KACO in order to portfolio streamlining, so it will make sense to directly talk to energydepot…