KACO Blueplanet Hybrid 3.0TL3 - 10.0TL3 integration

Has somebody integrate a KACO Blueplanet Hybrid 3.0TL3 - 10.0TL3 to Home Assistant?

The only way I can actually get data is over hy-sys and the display of the inverter.

KACO inverter join the local network, but it seems there is no web interface.

Somebody known how hy-sys get data from inverter?

Actually it seemed to be no way to get access to the Kaco API. There are a lot of discussions about it (and also longer times) and on GitHub is an old implementation, but it isnt working anymore and the developper has given up the project. I tried to get information about Kaco directly, they answered, but they give no informations about the protocol or ways of access or so. = not helpful. In some other informations somebody talks about openems but you need also an API-ID “only for development”. Open said: I cannot understand this policy! It is user-unfriendly and reason enough to change to another supplier. Actually I take the data on team-viewer and I plan to get some of the data about current-transformer. Some of the data I take over my Zappi Wallbox which is integrated in home-assistant. That works really fine.Compliments to all involved developpers.

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