KAKU wall switch state

Hi everyone,

I’d like Home assistant to not remember the state of my KAKU AWST-8802 double wall switch.

I switched from domoticz to Home assistant. I use the wall switch to start four different light settings. To clarify:
Button left top: lights 100%
Button left bottom: lights 50%
Button right top: lights OFF
Button right bottom: lights 25%

The switch is not an actual rocker switch and doesn’t have a physical state. But when i press left bottom then the right bottom and when i then want to pres left bottom again it doesn’t react because HA thinks the left rocker is still in that position. I have to press the left top before i can press the left bottom again.

I’m using an event node in Node RED with a switch node and a call service node.

Maybe this is a NOOB question but i searched the forum and am still switching in my head from domoticz to Home assistant and i can’t figure it out. Thanks in advance for any help.

If I read KAKU, I think rf433. What are you using to receive messages ?

Hi Francis,
You are thinking right, i’m using a RFXtrx433E. I also use it to control some switches.

RFXtrx433E can fire an event when it detects a click. You can use that in your automations independent of the switch state.

Thanks, your reply send me googling into the event direction. I found https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/switch.rfxtrx/, and i think this will be my solution… I added fire_event: true to my yaml. But i like to use that click in Node red. Event node and trigger state node still dont pick up a second press. Any tips?