Kamstrup flowIQ 2200 NB-IoT - Water meter reading

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I got for approx 6 months ago installed a new water meter by the water supplier. It is a Kamstrup flowIQ 2200 NB-IoT model and I simply cannot find out if there is any possibility to extract data from it. I got the KEM file and the encryption key from my water supplier, but haven’t found a solution on how to receive a reading from the meter.

I know Kamstrup also makes a model with wireless m-bus, where I can use the vmbusmeter integration together with a wireless m-bus usb stick. Anyone who has an idea for a solution to extract data, both hardware and integration-wise, would be a huge help?

Thanks a million in advance!

Same here (Recently installed by the water utility company), looking at the datasheet for the NB-IoT version of the FlowIQ2200 it seems that they have completly removed the wMbus protocol capabilities which is a shame because it is a very smart meter and it would be easy to extract data.

I do not know either about NB-IoT, but I suspect it is only for long range encrypted (using cellular network) communication, meaning I am very much in doubt we will ever be able to intercept the data that way, but I wouldnt mind testing something if someone with more knowledge is outthere.

Interesting details, the utility company confirmed that they installed this extra meter on the outdoor water main only for leak detection capabilities, and alerting (which require constant remote connection). This is kind of a waste of capabilties if you ask me.
The actual metering of the water consumption is still taken out by normal walk-by once a year by the utility company employee our other older meter still in the house which is an itron anyquest cyble 433Mhz module.

I only got one. We had a mechanical before this new one where we used to get the readings and send them to the water supplier every 6 months. Now they read is remotely. But i keep track of out water consumption every month and its place outside in a well. so i have to go there lift the lid at take a picture every month and would love to have it in HA, to take my readings from there instead.

They produce both meters still. One is with M-Bus and the other with NB-IoT and sadly they chose the one there is no option for.

If we could just get a dongle like with M-Bus I would just buy a NB-IoT cellular card, it cost near nothing to have. But the solution to get the readings, the dongle and the integration still needs to be there and just cant find anything about it on the web :confused:


I can try to help you, send me an email on [email protected], with the name of the utility, and we will find a solution :smiley:

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Hi Jonas.

Thanks I just sent you an email. :+1:

Nclas do you wwant it online? By the way do you have a data sheet on the NB-iot Water meter? Vodafone where trialing the wMbus meter and an NB-iot bridge in Spain

Hi Michael.

Sorry for my late reply. I’m not sure if I want it online, but I want to find a solution where i can get the data, the meter is sending to the water supplier.
If you are familiar with the WMBUS, thats what I want just for the NB-IoT meter.

Then I can install some kind of solution in my server rack that recieve this information and I can have live data in my HA like i got with my Power meter and gas meter.

I don’t have any datasheet on this meter but I can try to get it and come back.

As of my knowledge you can get two versions of this flowIQ 2200, one is with Wireless M-Bus and the other is with NB-IoT.