Kamstrup HAN - Smart Electricity Meter

With all the new fuss about energy monitoring, I remembered that all danish electricity meters needs to offer live consumption data. This is done through a HAN (Home Area Network) port.

Three phase meter | OMNIPOWER® | Kamstrup

There is a widely available component that can share this data, called Smart-Me, but first of all, it’s relatively expensive compared to it’s a simple task, and more importantly, it relies on cloud, and this information should really just stay local.

My question is, has anyone else done any research in this? How have you enabled your Kamstrup meter to share data to Home Assistant?

I’ve got the same at home in Sweden and I’m also interested in your question @bjorn.sivertsen

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I think this repo will help you: GitHub - turbokongen/hass-AMS: Custom component reading AMS through MBus adapter into HomeAssistant</title

Just to let you guys know what I ended up doing:

  1. I purchased a premade (and flashed) ESP module from: Pow-K (Kamstrup) (amsleser.no), but I believe that it can easily be done through DIY.
  2. The board comes with gskjold/AmsToMqttBridge: Minimalistic system to read AMS/HAN data from electrical meter (github.com) preinstalled
  3. I added the encryption keys that I requested from my utility provider and connected it to an MQTT container, and with some manual sensor modification, I now have live utility readings in HA.
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Personally, I had issues getting a board to work from the power supplied by the HAN interface.
In the end, I ended up using an arduino nano33-ble to read the meter, and then send the data through bluetooth, to an esphome device.