Kasa HS210 (only using one with a 3way dimmer)

Hi all-

I’ve seen this topic a bit but cannot figure out my situation. I have a 3way light where one of the switches is a dimmer and the other is not. My plan/goal is to replace the non-dimming switch with one of the HS210 switches. From what I’ve read, this can be done and I should be able to leave the other, dimming switch in place so that I can use the app but also use the dimming switch.

I tried simply replacing the non-dimming 3way switch but that doesn’t work as intended. I wired it to neutral, ground, hot, and 2 travelers. IF the dimming switch is turned on, I can use the HS210 to turn the light off and on (and the dimmer on the other switch still works). But, if I turn the dimmer switch off, the HS210 cannot turn the light back on. Conversely, if I have both switches on and turn the light off with the HS210, the dimmer switch cannot turn the light back on.

Can what I want to do not be done or do I have something wrong? Should I have replaced the dimmer switch with the HS210 and replaced the non-dimming switch with the dimmer switch?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Scratch that, looks like I had my wiring on the new HS210 wrong. Now that it’s fixed, works like a charm!

What exactly did you do to get this to work?