Kasa HS220 Dimmer keeps changing default brightness to 1%

I have roughly 20 dimmers HS220 from Kasa.

They all have been stable and reliable until a month ago.

Every day, the dimmers reset the default brightness setting to 1%.

Meaning, when I come downstairs in the evening and turn on the dimmer, it turns on to 1%.

The only way to temporarily fix it, is to have the switch off, the dim up, then turn on. This will keep the dimmer at 100% for a day or so.

But always goes back to 1%. I have 20 of these things around my house and it’s becoming very frustrating to maintain this.

Did you ever come with a solution? I’m dealing with this now too.

Sounds like buggy firmware. If the device is not compatible with esphome or tasmota only the manufacture can help wit an update fixing the bug(s). Sadly most vendors are not interesting in the stufstuff they sold yesterday and rather want your hardware ending as landfill and for you to buy again!

I learned my lesson and avoid every every black box device like ZigBee ones for example and nowadays buy only hardware I can fix myself because it’s running esphome!

Yes, it was an automation utilizing the “transition” lighting effect.

Basically in my nighttime automation to turn off all lights, it would transition from 100% down to 1%.

Thus, next time it was turned on without brightness specified, it recalled the previous state which was 1%.

Check your automations for something like this.