Kasa Integration

I know there various discussions about TP Link removing an API in a recent firmware update but having set the integration up I see all my smart plugs and everything seems to work.

What I am confused about is how this integration works. Is this going via TP Link to turn on/off plugs or is this communicating with the plugs directly?

If local, If I were to add new plugs do these need to be registered with the Kasa app or it is possible to just add them to HA?

After the plugs are in your home wifi they are controlled directly (As long they have the local API).

When you want to add a new plug you need to add it in the Kase app in order to add it to your wifi. After that the plug can controlled over HA as well.

Some time ago I’ve had some problems with the app because the app refused to search for new plugs. Maybe because I have blocked the app from sending data to their server.

But I’ve found the following python script which can add new plugs to your wifi as well:

How can I tell as I am not sure which threads are out of date

This should be the right thread:

I can’t really say something about the right firmware because I never updated any of my plugs after adding them to my system.