Keep-alive function to Tuya-devices

When not using my Tuya-devices for a while, they do stuff, and I want to use them, I can turn on a lamp, and not off. The status in Ha changed to on, then off. After reloading the integration everything works again. Feels like Tuya need a keep-alive update.
Any suggestion to make it work?

It’s a known issue with the official Tuya integration. I’m in the same boat. The only way to sort it out is to reload the configuration.

If you’re not using the official Tuya, rather the HACS version, then make sure you have the state notification API enabled on the Tuya cloud platform end.

I am probably going to go back to the HACS version (v2) again today. I can’t cope with the family nagging me because lights are not working!!


The hack version ( local tuya ) is working fine with no issue , it seems the only stable option right now


Thanks guys. I’ll have a look at the hacs.
Btw, I found out that if I changed view, I have one with all the lights and the other with lights+sensor, from lights to “all” and then back to light-view, the tuyas worked without having to reload. Could it be something in ha after all???


Hi, That is good but how frequently do you have to change view in order to avoid the reload ?

I just read the below which could help automate the reload but I did not test it yet


Don’t know if the update 6 or 7 had something to do with this, but after that, I’m of course running latest with 7.1 OS now, everything seems to work. I know there was some tinkering with Tuya in one of thoose.
Great job you all are doing!
Thanks for the suggestion though.

Are you sure that tuya is working without reload ?which HA you are on ?

I am on os 7.1 but still the issue is there but I am still on HA 2021.12.4 , I will update to 2021.12.8 might be it has the fix

Yes I haven’t had to do a reload since 6 or 7. But I’m on 8 now. No issues anymore. :blush::+1:t2: