Keep Arlo or change to other cameras?

Hi, my home-automation system consists of both home-assistant and homekit(w. Homebridge).

I bought two Arlo Q yesterday since my parents have them and they seems to work pretty well. I did a quick research about the camera and it seemed that both HA and homebridge supported it.
Now the support in homebridge and HA is pretty limited, streaming is not yet implemented since they just recently found out how to use the stream url.

So the Arlo Q is well integrating with HA/Homebrisge but it seems that it will be. Otherwise it seems like a good camera.

I’m looking into amcrest proHD,which seems easier to integrate into HA and homebridge.

Should I keep the Arlo? Do you have any suggestion of a good camera that is easy to integrate?

I have very cheap 20$ cameras that work perfectly. I really don’t understand why people spend 100-150+ on cameras. Unless battery powered is the only solution for you, go cheaper

The one that are cheaper and they are not chinese knock-offs but it’s dlink etc. they are not reliable. They drop the connection, picture lags/freezes etc.

My chinese Digoo (20$) had no problem after 2 months of use

Link please

Banggood website search for Digoo

well I did look but as there are multiple models I was wondering which one exactly you are using successfully

I think they are all, more or less the same. Got the button one at 13$ which is fixed, and the PTZ one at around 20$.

You need them inside or outside?

I was thinking of a few more inside

Inside those are great

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