Keep network interfaces alive, but without hassio-supervisor.service an hassio-apparmor.serviced

Hi, guys. I have docker setup of HA. I don’t know why, but sometimes wlan0 connection stops, i have no idea why, it’s another questions.
As i know HA provides hassio-supervisor.service an hassio-apparmor.service services that restart network interfaces. I want to control docker stuff by myself and i disabled these services, also network update also stopped

what can help to keep network interfaces alive?

btw i can’t use ethernet connection

If you want to control docker stuff yourself, you should run Home Assistant Container (Home Assistant in Docker) and not Home Assistant Supervised/Home Assistant OS. Take a look here for an overview of the different install methods. If you have hassio-superviosr.service you are running Home Assistant Supervised or Home Assistant OS. These services you disabled are essential for Home Assistant Supervised/Home Assistant OS to run.

From my perspective Supervisor does nothing important for me except managing containers (also over some assistant frontend). I can do it for myself, I disabled Supervisor and use docker daemon.
I understood how works different methods of installation and I run HA for 3 months.

My question was only about service that reconnects RPi to network. I mentioned docker setup in order to provide details of setup. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I understand you correctly. Did you install Home Assistant Supervised and disabled the supervisor or did you install home assistant in docker and didn’t have a supervisor? If it is the first, you’re doing it wrong.

let’s focus on network solution, please!

This is important to know in order to help you, maybe it’s even the cause for the disconnections you get.

I installed hassio docker-edition by script
OS on device is Raspbian

Either run Home Assistant Container, or the complete Home Assistant Supervised without disabling services. The way you do it now is asking for problems.