Keeper Doorbell


I am a newbie. I have managed to setup the basics (Hue Lighting, Sonoff (tasmota) and Media devices). This was quite easy in comparison to OpenHab.

I am looking into getting a video doorbell with two way communication. I have grown tired of the unwanted solicitation and/or nuisance callers.

Sadly, the budget is a key factor for this project. :frowning_face:

From my research, I see a few options for a Raspberry pi DIY setup which I would normally prefer. I have a few Pi’s around my house already and I am very fond of the little gems.

However on this occasion a smarter, cleaner look, reliable and haste free device is desired.

I have seen the Keeper Doorbell on a number of sites for around £50.

(Sorry, I have typed a lot but I haven’t even asked a question.)
Has anyone been able to use the Keeper Doorbell with Home Assistant?

Does anyone have an alliterative suggestion for the same/similar price?

I have searched the internet (where else would I search?) for the answer and I would be grateful for any advise or suggestion that anyone has to offer.