Keeping dashboards up-to-date (or live)

I am using Lovelace dashboards on Fire tablets placed around the house. Each tablet is running Home Assistant app and customized to run a specific dashboard, sidebar and title hidden. “Disconnect from server after five minutes” turned OFF.

The only non-Home Assistant thing I am doing is using YAKK in order to turn on the screen with motion.

What I notice is that the dashboard will not update on occasion. For instance, motion will wake the tablet, but it will show an old time. All elements on the dashboard (light statuses, door statuses, etc.) will be frozen as of that time. If I try to turn on/off a light by pressing the button, I will get an error that the task failed, then the dashboard will refresh, then I can do tasks or see statuses.

Is there any way to ensure each tablet is always current? I thought by using the Home Assistant app directly that would be better than Fully Kiosk or Wall Panel, but now I am not sure. Is there some YAML or MQTT task I can do to ensure the dashboards stay live at all times?

not having such issues using fully kiosk. FK is managing the screen on camera movement and all my tablets are always in sync with HA.

I have a number of tablets (including a fire tablet) and an old phone simply running the HA app and don’t have this issue (outside of very rare/infrequent cases).