Keeping paired smart plug in sync

Zigbee integration. Sonoff smart plugs, S31.

Created a pair of the plugs and an automation to toggle. There are 2 bedroom lamps plugged into the smart plugs at opposite ends of room.

So if at some point one plug toggles but the other doesn’t, they are now out of sync. Clearly my automation was simplistic. How should it be done to keep to halfs of a pair in sync?

You forgot to mention which Zigbee gateway solution you use, ZHA integration or Zigbee2MQTT?

Anyway, you should use Zigbee groups (in the ZHA integration or Zigbee2MQTT?) rather than using groups in Home Assistant. As with Zigbee groups the command will be sent to the Zigbee group instead of to each device individually.

Thanks so much. Do range extenders really work? It is ZHA.

I looked for ZHA groups under integration as opposed to the group I created under Helper, but I didn’t see it. Can you tell me where I set Zigbee groups?

In integrations zha, then there should be 3 tabs, network, groups, visualizaton

My bad thank you.

So I added the Zigbee group MBR Plugs, but when I do the automation, there is no device called MBR Plugs. Should I be looking for something other than a device?

Anyone? Please?

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You are probably looking for an entity, not a device. However I don’t use ZHA.

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Not only do they work, Zigbee router devices is a must as Zigbee network uses mesh technology. Read and follow →

If search on google then tip is that Zigbee groups are sometimes refered to as a ”light group”.

You should also learn how Zigbee binding and unbinding work: