Keeps crashing, but how to find logs?

I am using HassOS with a RPi4 and a SSD attached to USB, i ran log without any issues, but it started to crash without any reason, and now its crashing nearly every second day.

i want to find out why … but how? all the logs i can see under System->Logs, start with the powercycle, but i cant find any logs datin back to the time when the device crashed? how can i open the logfiles from yesterday?

why dont they just give us the real logs?
so i need to install SSH addon and have a look into the std linux logs?

thanks you, didnt find your guide, but what is the reason we get “fake logs” in the user interface?

I mean they aren’t fake, its just a subset. I’m sure giving more logs is on their list its probably just more difficult then it sounds.

For one thing, I’m not sure if you got to this point in the guide yet but the SSH add-on only allows access to the log files. To actually read those files you need to transfer the files to another linux system with a debian based OS. That’s because the SSH addon runs in an alpine container. There’s no tools I’m aware of for an alpine based linux system to read the systemd-journal logs. Which kind of makes sense since systemd itself isn’t available for alpine based systems.

Now consider that almost every image for Home Assistant is alpine based for performance and size reasons (core, supervisor, all the plugins, most of the addons, etc.). So even if those containers had access to the files like the ssh addon they couldn’t really do anything with that info, they couldn’t read from it.

This doesn’t make it impossible I’m sure, just takes time. And there is quite a long list of #feature-requests already. But I’m sure it’ll happen eventually once someone with the ability and time can put together a PR for it.

it is really anoying, i have a homeautomation crashing every other day, and to just even access the logs from the crash i have to deepdive that why … log should never get cleared at startup :confused: