Kegerator Monitor

I recently inherited a kegerator.

My idea was to use ESPhome to monitor the following parameters.

Mass of Keg - using scale sensors to calc volume, pour, and count remaining
High side of CO2 bottle - Rate of use
Low Side of CO2 bottle - Keg pressure/delivery pressure
Temp, humidity and CO2 - Fridge operation and detection of slow leaks at a rate beyond resolution

Everything has been pretty straight forward so far in design. Except for the high and low side pressure sensing.

I cannot quite figure out the best way to go to use these sensors output with ESPhome. I have the choice of 4-20ma output or 0-10 volt output.

Data sheet is here both types are represented on one datasheet. Pressure Transmitter: 0 to 15 psig, ceramic element, 4-20mA, 4-PIN M12 Q/D (PN# PTD25-20-0015H) | AutomationDirect