- Video Surveillance Software - looks like a nice piece of software. Not sure what integration options are available but it would fit well with HA.


I just stumbled across this alternative to zoneminder and I am trying it out in a couple of docker containers. I have to use a docker container for each camera. The motion detect seems easier to use and it has a mqtt alert that sends json. Which I can use in home assistant some how.

I like zoneminder interface but we will see if this meets my needs better

Try shinobi
Its ui is pretty great and motion is really good

Motioneye is good but video review is terrible, must watch every video to find movement. It is dead simple and works great.

Both open source and free

Thanks for the tip. How do you integrated it with Home Assistant

I connect cameras direct to HA
Motioneye and shinobi all some a tion on event so you can use this as sensor in HA

I want to try Kerberos (since motioneye motion detection is terrible), can I add it to home assistant as a MJPEG generic cam? has anyone tried it?

If it stream or is image HA can display.

Motioneye is pretty good but misses features. But it is stable(on server, not sure about RasPi)

Shinobi is crap to install but I like it a lot

yes, the docs say it can stream via MJPEG

ok, tried it and it works… only thing is: I have no idea how to retrieve the recorded video… in the docs it talks about a folder /etc/opt/somethingsomething, but how am I suppose to acces this folder?

Sorry - but why is this? That seems nuts!

If you used docker than check out the -v options to get the output to your regular system

Less nutty than you might think, it’s one cam per kerberos instance, just the way they build the tool. So if you want multiple cams, just start multiple containers, it’s pretty easy at that.

Mine are running from user ‘cam’ (which is in the docker system group) and all configs and what not are stored per camera.

docker run -d \
    --name ${cam} \
    -p 82:80 -p 8882:8882 \
    -v /home/cam/config/${cam}/web/config:/var/www/web/config/ \
    -v /home/cam/config/${cam}/config:/etc/opt/kerberosio/config \
    -v /home/cam/config/${cam}/logs:/etc/opt/kerberosio/logs \
    -v /home/cam/nfs/cam/${cam}:/etc/opt/kerberosio/capture \
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4 years later - this still seems like a great software. why no intregration yet?

Because frigate became more popular and the person that created frigate also made an integration

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