Kevo Plus (lock) support

Has anyone done any work towards supporting the Kevo Plus, or interested in doing this?

I’ve only looked into this a very minor amount so far. The Kevo Plus gateway is a bluetooth-to-IP bridge. I can’t find any information on talking to it directly, but there is a hosted cloud service that has a REST API (not sure if it’s actually official or not though), and someone has built a python library to talk to it:

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Did you make any progress on this? Or found out how to integrate directly with the bridge?

So long as you have a bridge, you can integrate your locks.

Hi Kevo folks, Kevo sent me a survey today which I answered in the negative stating their need for an API.

Please feel free to provide similar feedback to them.

I have a Kevo lock alone with the Kevo Plus and am looking to integrate it with home assistant. Are there any instructions on how to do this?