Keyboard problems with Chrome

I am having a weird issue logging into and working on my Hassio on my raspberry pi with chrome. This just started a few days ago and I’m not sure where to ask. I’m pretty sure it’s a Chrome issue. When I go to enter anything via the keyboard into Home Assistant many of the keypresses wont record into home assistant. For example, when I try to type Detector, all I will get is Do. Certain letters will type if I capitalize them. Even the login page I have to type my login into notepad and copy/paste into Home Assistant.
I have cleared the cache on chrome, rebooted etc. and tried numerous other things. This ONLY happens on home assistant.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this

I’ve just started experiencing this in Safari on MacOS. Did you work out the problem?

I have the same problem with Safari and Chrome with my MacBook pro (OS 10.15.3). With the Mac Pro (OS 10.15.2) everything is okay. The only difference i see is the MacOS Version.

Today I update my Mac Pro to OS 10.15.3. After the update I have also no letter problems.
There must be another difference between my Mac Pro (works correct) and the MacBook Pro (works incorrect)!

Its a ME Too for this issue… seems to be Safari and ive had it since the start some two months ago

I have the problem with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. :frowning:

Ok I’ve fixed mine… I’ve changed the character set type in the prefs to the from I think roman to Mac OS default. That did it instantly

Anyone else had this issue and resolved it? It’s driving me nuts. I can’t use the following keys when I’m accessing Hass on my Pi in Safari: e,s,t,f.

The issue happens accessing HA in Safari, but not Chrome or Firefox.

Which prefs do you mean? Browser or in HA?


If you’re reading this, check your browser extensions! I had one called Dynamo- disabled it and suddenly, no more lost keystrokes!

This explain why people above reported the issue happening/not happening in different combinations of browsers- I never use Chrome so it didn’t have any extensions but I had a few enabled in Safari.

A guess is that there’s some shared (or conflicting) Javascript library?

Anyway, hat tip to JC (no, not that one) for working this one out. :wink: