Keymaster automations - not able to find Zwave integration

Good morning all, I am having an issue with my Keymaster / Schlage Camelot Zwave lock. After reading the documents on the Keymaster wiki, I am logging a bug report as I am having an issue where the automations are throwing an error ‘A Z-Wave integration has not been configured for this Home Assistant instance’. This is with any Keymaster automation, but specifically for this issue, if I attempt to run the keymaster_synchronize_codeslot_side_garage_door_5 automation(Schlage lock is named as 'side_garage_door), that error appears in the ‘traces’ page if I manually trigger it. The automation does NOT trigger automatically when updating the code on the lovelace dashboard using the card for Code 5.

I can get a code to send to the lock using the ‘Developer tools>services>keymaster: Add code to lock’ service with no issue, but the automations do not seem to fire. Has anyone else seen this issue?

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