Keymaster compatability of keycode "writing" with Yale Assure SL? Does anyone have this fully working? (or other options) Help would be appreciated if so


Just throwing this one out there to see if anyone has gotten the subject HACS installation to work with Yale Assure SL locks (the ones with the touch screen).

If not, does anyone have any other methods of assigning additional codes to the door without having to phyically type them into the door?

Thank you all for any guidance or direction you can give me.

Also, I’m open to other utilities that could make this happen without having to go out and get completely different locks (I have 3 that are coming over from smartthings)

I guess I should add also that I have the lock functioning in the app (lock and unlock) but would just like the functionality of code creating from an interface such as home assistant)

Thank you all!!

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What smart module do you have in the lock?

With zigbee I am just leveraging the built in ZHA services.

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Ahh, I appreciate your response. And I didn’t even know that was possible, so that’s nice to know. I do have a few zigbee modules lying around for those locks. In my instance though, I am using the zwave modules. Luckily, I ended up getting keymaster to work by resetting the locks to factory and not using the master password within the save feature.

I’m having the same issue you did. How do you reset the locks without setting up the master password? It seems to wipe the z-wave module (removing it from the network) when I reset the lock. To re-add to the network, it requires the master password be set. I have keymaster working with older Kwikset locks with no issue, but these Yale locks seem to be uninterested in passing the access codes back and forth.

so start at code #2 in keymaster. #1 is for master which cannot be overwritten. Start from a factory reset lock. This is how I got things to work in my instance. Sorry for being vague in the last post.

Appreciate the reply. I may have a different issue. When I first go into keymaster, the lines for Pin Status and Desired PIN State are not found for this lock (didn’t grab a screenshoot). That is before I enter anything into keymaster at all. I deleted keymaster and recreated it several times. Those two sensors just seem to be missing. After I reset the lock and it isn’t a Z-Wave entity, they show up with a status of ‘deleting’ and ‘off’.keymaster-deleting

Unfortunately, I reset my lock to factory default and now I can’t get it to pair again. I think I messed up by not excluding it before the reset. I spent about 2 hours trying to get it back on the network. I have a 2nd one I was going to return. I might just try to get that one going on the workbench and see if I can get something working.