Keymaster_front_door User Notifications uses an unknown service

I haven’t made any changes to Keymaster, but started getting this error today:

The automation "keymaster_front_door User Notifications" (`automation.keymaster_front_door_user_notifications`) has an action that calls an unknown service: `script.keymaster_front_door_manual_notify`.

This error prevents the automation from running correctly. Maybe this service is no longer available, or perhaps a typo caused it.

To fix this error, [edit the automation](/config/automation/edit/keymaster_front_door User Notifications) and remove the action that calls this service.

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I also see this message in the HA log:

2022-09-07 20:45:05.163 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.automation.keymaster_front_door_user_notifications] keymaster_front_door User Notifications: Error executing script. Service not found for call_service at pos 1: Unable to find service script.keymaster_front_door_manual_notify 

I installed the latest HA Core, 2022.9.0 today, but don’t see why that would have caused this error. I also installed InfluxDB and Grafana. Again, don’t see the relation.

It tells me to edit the automation, but this automation is not in the automations.yaml so there is nothing I can do with it. Any thoughts on what to do? Do I need to delete and re-install keymaster?

Thanks, David

I’m getting the same message, however, everything seems to be functional. I updated home assistant core as well so that’s our common thread.

Take a look at here: ISSUE: Unkown service · Issue #295 · FutureTense/keymaster · GitHub

There is further info as well as what others have done to fix it. Hope this helps.

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