Keymaster Notifications

I’m building out a new HA system, but I can’t go any further until I figure out why I can’t get notifications from Keymaster. I’m using Kwikset Z-Wave locks, I’m using HA’s built in notify service as well as Pushover. I’m getting notifications from other HA integrations, but not Keymaster.

I get the following error in logs:
“Error while executing automation automation.keymaster_garage2entry_user_notifications: Unable to find service script.keymaster_garage2entry_manual_notify” Below is the script.yaml:

  mode: parallel
    - service: notify.pushover
        title: "{{ title }}"
        message: "{{ message }}"```

Wow. Not a single reply. Did you work this out. I am trying to figure out similar.

I never got it resolved for the “garage 2 lock.” I just live without notifications from that particular lock.

Maybe one day I’ll remove that lock and start again.

I wish HA lock notifications were better integrated for Z-wave locks.