Keymitt smart lock

I hope that somebody will integrate the Keymitt smart lock. It will release on december and it will be support Zigbee, Zwave and NodeRed. (Open Source BLE API)
It was a Kickstarter project.

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I’ve ordered one.
Pretty sure that it will work in HA, and the price for the lock and the hub seems ok.

I am looking for a smart lock like this.
Direct connected with Home Assistant ZHA.

Is there is a better/cheaper alernative, please let me know.

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I orded also. Now waiting till the are shipped and added to Home Assistant

please make a review when you receive it, I’m tempted also. For now you can use ifttt with HA until a proper integration is made.

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OK, I will.

any news on this I have a keymitt lock and would really like to integrate it with Home assistant.


Keymitt can be used with the webhooks, to open and close the lock in Homeassistant.
The hub is needed to use the webhook.
This is working quick and smoothly.

Let’s hope there will be an integration available in the future.

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yes I have it working this way
the problem is if someone uses the app to open or close the keymitt lock home assistant does not update with the correct status of the lock.

someone post this on the keymitt site

may be it helps for Home Assistant
it returns data but we need to find our own user id?
any idea how?

easy. set up a local dns server and make sure the points to a local web server with full logging enabled :wink:
oh yes and then use the app in the local network using the custom dns.

or just ask them?

Where did you find this on the keymitt site??? can you post the url?

yes it was on keymitt kickstarter discussions someone posted it
thought it might be use full to someone as i cant get anything from keymitt
did you manage to get it working?

actually I havent tried it yet :wink:
it would however be very interesting…
I did however send keymitt a ticket with questions how to handle :slight_smile:
lets see if and what they answer

ok looks like this was the very OLD way to work with webhooks, which no longer works.
current webhooks (you can check in your Keymit app) are using now, which of course is better due to https :wink:
Sooo user_id encoding still looks the same to me, so i tried the old url with my current user id from the new url, but it just came up with a funny error message “user is not exists” :smile:
I already got an answer from keymitt to my inquiry… They asked what i want do achieve…
Well i told them about an integration in HA with more information like battlevel, lock status, etc.
Lets see what their answer is…

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ok thanks let us know

i just put together a facsimile with a rest_commands for lock and unlock, a lock instance with helper for state, and an automation triggered from the state, which is okay if you don’t mind the non-local operation.

i don’t suppose y’all have come across a webhook for getting the latest lock state, which would make this way more reasonable?