[Kinda solved] Control RGBW Milight (with RFLink?)

###Controlling a RGBW Milight bulb from HA

Hi, I want to control my milight bulb with RFLink (or with the pi directly)
I’ve succeeded in pairing the bulb with RFLink and can turn it on and off. The pairing has been done through serial connection to the arduino.

But I can’t get it to work in HA
The device is recognized as a new device in HA when i send “11;20;17;MiLightv1;ID=F746;SWITCH=01;RGBW=8690;CMD=ON;” to the RFLink but it’s not controllable from HA.
Could it be some kind of type error? (Referring to “light types” , scroll down a bit). Either way I still think it would be able to turn it on and off?

####Controlling milight directly with the Pi
Otherwise if the RFLink solutions just doesn’t work, maybe it’ll work by controlling it directly with the pi?

I’m very grateful for any help! Thank’s in advance!
I can post more relevant information, but I don’t really know what to post, so please ask me :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to control my Milight bulbs with RFLink as well.

It has previously been mentioned here:

And i believe progress was kept here (although i see it has been closed yesterday):

Thank you for the links (:
I commented the issue that was closed yesterday, hopefully we will get more clarity when i get an answer.

Anyway, have you looked into other solutions yet?
I know the milight-bulbs can be controlled directly with the Pi and a simple python script. But it’s not something I’ve tried yet.

Looks like something is happening: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/6851

Very glad to hear that!!!

I do not run my system on a Pi, so no experience with that. I’m currently using the official controller (ibox). Costing about €15,- its not a huge investment. But i`m using about 12 milight bulbs in my house, so the 4 group limitation of the ibox really bothers me.

With RFlink we should be able to control individual bulbs. And according to the documentation, it might be able to keep HASS in sync when i control my light with the official remote. Besides that, reliability does not seem to be a strong point of the ibox, in my experience. So RFlink seems a great update.

So i’m really hoping to see this happen, but i`m also thankful for all the work aequitas has already done to get the RFlink working.