King Gates wi-clavis integration

Hello community. Is integration possible? Anyone know the tool and have been successful? Thanks in advance for the answers.

Hello Benny,
Were you able to find any information or a way to connect your portal?
I am facing the same problem, but my approach would be more with a zigbee micromodule, the cost is really better and I am a zigbee enthousiast.
Anyway I would be happy to discuss the subject

Hello. I use the wifi module. Probably an esp chip, but I didn’t get any closer to the solution. I would be interested in Zigbee control. Do you already have a specific idea?

Hi, I’m thinking of trying to use a dry contact zigbee module.
I didn’t buy anything yet, but I already use some zibee devices with the zigbee2mqtt addon.
I’ll let you know if I get anywhere when I have ordered the module (I’m thinking something like a CSAC-451-AC).
I also found some tutorials to integrate the gate on zwave modules.