Kiosk Browser for Lovelace +amazon fire +custom components?


I have finally started to use my amazon fire using fully kiosk browser, but it won’t display js custom components… I like Fully as it uses the camera to detect motion and turn the screen on… Are there any others that work like this and on the fire please?

Works a treat on my galaxy tablet, but would rather use the fire… till my wife allows more :smiley:


I use a 7" FireHD with Fully but unfortunately some of the custom components just won’t work with it. I have been able to get around it for the most part just using a combination of some custom components that work and some regular lovelace cards. The problem as I know is the outdated webview being used in the FireHD

I also found lovelace doesn’t work properly on older Apple devices in addition to my Fire tablet.

I used Tileboard in the end, it works great on the Fire :slight_smile:

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