Kiosk Mode not hiding the dialog_header_overflow


I’ve created a dashboard that I’m accessing with a specific user. I’ve been able to remove the sidebar and the header but not the header overflow (3 dots). Since, I’ve tried to add just about all individual items (history, settings, overflow) in addition to the header_action_items but without success. Here is the config:

- users:
- “Thermostat”
hide_kiosk: true
hide_overflow: true
hide_edit_dashboard: true
hide_dialog_header_action_items: true
hide_dialog_header_history: true
hide_dialog_header_settings: true
hide_dialog_header_overflow: true
hide_dialog_climate_settings_actions: true
kiosk: true
ignore_entity_settings: true

And here is what I’m seeing:

And when I open it by pressing on the 3 dots, I get this on the browser:

So, at this level, I’m able to remove the overflow but not at the dashboard level. Is there a way to do this? BTW, I tried both block_overflow and hide_overflow but I have the same result and I can click on it.

I’m open to any post that could help. Sorry if I missed something obvious.

Thank you.


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I’m having the same problem. I’ll report back if I find out what I’m doing wrong.