Kiosk Mode or Wall Panel wake up tablet

I am looking for only one important feature: wake up tablet screen based on motion sensor or tablet camera. I have installed Kiosk Browser and Wall Panel but both solutions can not cooperate with my lenovo tablet.

Wake on movement is a setting in the Android Fully Kiosk browser app - does that work on your tablet?

If that’s the only feature you’re interested in, you don’t really need the HA integration unless you want to be able to switch it on and off remotely.

Fully Kiosk Browser works terrible on my lenovo tab with HA instance.
Maybe I should try WallPanel app but is hard to configure no usefull instructions for HA.

You can turn screen on/off via rest commands if you have fully kiosk. But you must have a purchased version, because you must enable Remote administration. After you do that create rest sensors in HA:

url: “http://192.168.x.y:2323/?cmd=screenOn&password=your kioskpassword”

url: “http://192.168x.y:2323/?cmd=screenOff&password=your kioskpassword”

It works like a charm.

But, i agree that (cheap) lenovo tablet is a nightmare. In order for HA to work good on tablet it must be a decent one - definitely not in price range under 200€. I rather bought a used HP x360 laptop, which has touchscreen monitor. Although it’s old it has i7 CPU and it works light years better than any tablet. And price was quite great (around 250€).
IBM also has laptops with touchscreen (YOGA). Used ones are cheap (comparing to a good new tablet). Not to mention that screen is quite larger than 10 inch (or even only 7) on tablet.