Kiosk Mode - Subviews

It drives me nuts that I cannot use Kiosk mode with subviews. I need a back button for my media panel in the subview because its fullscreen, BUT I cannot run Kiosk mode if I want the back button up top. Has anyone figured out how to make this happen?

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If you use kiosk: true, it hides the siderbar and header. The subviews use the header for the back button and room name. This is why you can’t see them.

A work around is to allow the header, but to hide the sidebar and overflow (3 dots in the top right).

    hide_sidebar: true
    hide_overflow: true
    ignore_entity_settings: true

The trade off is that you have an empty header on your home screen.


But at least you can navigate back from any subviews again.