Klik aan klik uit (kaku)


I would like to see a feature that adds support for klik aan klik uit, it is a brand for 433MHz rf switches

maybe you guys can help me! :slight_smile:

Hi if you have an esp8266/nodemcu/arduino and RF emitter/receiver with you, KAKU is supported by OpenMQTTGateway

I am also waiting for this!

Maybe it’s better to search first. RFLink is fully supported.

Almost every device on 433 is supported. Even the action stuff, guess you’re Dutch…
It’s cheap, reliable, great support.

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Also pilight is pretty much fully supported if you have the rx/tx rf hw attached to a pi see their website it tells you what hw works and which to get and how to wire it up.


zou u mij misschien kunnen uitleggen hoe ik doormiddel van RFLink mijn kaku APA3-1500R switches zou kunnen instellen?

Met vriendelijke groet,

RFLink is nice, but I’m looking for something without having to connect an Arduino board. I already have it working with the old KAKU with set ID. But would be nice to connect newer one’s as well.

does anyone already have a solution for kaku


or rfxcom is supported ?

Or what other hardware do you need support for?