Klik-Aan-Klik-Uit schemersensor model ABST-604

I have a Klik-Aan-Klik-Uit schemersensor model ABST-604 which I have installed in this way:


  • platform: rfxtrx
    name: Schemersensor
    data_type: Sensor Status

In my configuration file I have this entry:

sensor: !include_dir_merge_list sensors

When I press the sensor-button, I see a new switch on the HA-dashboard.
When I cover the sensor then the switch icon toggles off (or on).
So far so good, but it’t not a switch but a sensor !

In developer tools I see the entity:

sensor.schemersensor_sensor_status with this info:
unknown unit_of_measurement: friendly_name: Schemersensor Sensor Status

and this entity:
[switch.0b110004018366120a000070] on,
friendly_name: 0b110004018366120a000070 assumed_state: true

A bit weird, I would like to use the sensor as a light-sensor.

Can somebody help me out ?

Can’t you just add a binary sensor that is triggered based on the schemersensor?

Can you give an example ?

Have used Domoticz for many years, now switching to HA (on a RPi3).

Another question: what’s the besy way to install HomeAssistant on a RPi3:

There are a few methods, a bit confusing…

Here you go:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Is het schemerig?"
          {{ switch.0b110004018366120a000070 = "on" }}