KlikAanKlikUit Smart Bridge

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I’m new to this forum, but here is my first question;

Does anyone know how to use the KlikAanKlikUit Smart Bridge in HA?
I’ve searched the internet, but nothing came up on this device.
This device is the successor of the ICS-2000

I am not sure about any KAKU integration but it is 433,92 MHz so you would need a rf (receiver)transmitter to replace it (actually, you could place it aside the existing kaku)…maybe others have positive news
See also here
KlikAanKlikUit (KAKU) on Home Assistant - Installation - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

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In the past I used a ICS-1000 that works great with HA through lightwave.yaml
Now i got a iphone and the ICS-1000 isn’t compatible with Iphone, so upgraded to KAKU smart bridge, that’s the latest model.

Maybe a Sonoff RF Bridge with tasmota and Portisch might solve the problem.

Just realized that the video actually mentions the Kaku protocol at aroudn 12:05 in

Same goes for the RFXCOM RFXtrx mentioned through the link I sent above…it is a maybe.
Note that RFXCOM RFXtrx is good but comes at quite a price and not sure if it will work

A Sonoff RF Bridge is pretty cheap :slight_smile:

That is great, can you please share more about this, maybe your yaml entries?